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Maintenance Oil


  • Rejuvenates the finish
  • Restores protective layer
  • Local touch of scratches
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Vesting Maintenance Oil is used to preserve and maintain the look of wood surfaces.  It rejuvenates the finish while adding a protective layer that repels moisture and dirt.  This product is suitable for local touching up of scratches and normal wear and tear on wood surfaces. The Maintenance Oil can be used on all surfaces coated with LED HardWax Oil or Single Coat HardWax Oil.  Use when the surface starts to show signs of wear and tear or if the color needs to be restored.


Directions For Use:

Make sure the surface is dust-free.  Shake well before use.  Maintenance Oil can be applied with a brush or cloth.  Apply the oil thin and uniform, removing any excess oil immediately with a lint free cloth.  Do not not let the excess oil dry.


Drying Time: 6-12 Hours depending on room temperature and ventilation


Coverage Area:  860-1075 Sq Ft per Liter


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1 Liter, 250 ML