Vesting USA and Canada

Vesting LED Hardwax Oil Sample Kit


  • Cures Instantly with LED curing Light
  • Easy to use and Maintain
  • High Coverage Area
  • Zero VOC’s
  •  Can be Touched up Locally
  • 16 Standard Colors
  • Custom Colors Available- Contact Us

Note: All samples shown on white oak


Vesting LED-HardWax Oil is a high quality finishing oil that cures instantly with a special LED Curing Light. It is a zero VOC, environmentally friendly mixture of oils, waxes, resins and additives that cures to a stunning finish. The LED-HardWax Oil soaks into the pores of the wood, giving it a durable finish that is deeper and richer in color. It’s easy to use and can be touched up locally. The LED-HardWax oil is one of the most versatile finishing oils on the planet.  Plus, it has a very large coverage area.  This oil saves time and money and is a healthy option for people, pets and the earth.


The sample kit consists of our 16 standard colors in 250ml cans.  The kit also includes applicator pads.

Standard Vesting Colors:



-Super White

-Old Grey

-Light Grey

-Castle Brown


-Ice Brown


-Sepia Brown









The wood surface should be clean and dry.  We recommend trying a test sample area to determine the precise amount and correct color.  For maximum adhesion, the surface should be sanded at 120 grit.  Make the surface is clean before application.  Mix contents of the can thoroughly before use.


LED-HardWax Oil can be sprayed, applied by hand or by machine.  If spraying or applying by hand, buff in the oil so it works into the wood until the wood will not accept any more.  Remove any excess oil with a lint free cloth. Then cure it using the LED Curing light.  For optimal cure, the distance between the light and the surface should be 2.5cm.  Do not let the LED HardWax Oil come in contact with direct sunlight as it will cure and cannot be changed after that.


Coverage Area:

First coat: 10-13 grams per square meter

Second coat: 5 grams per square meter

Please Note: The amounts are purely indicative and attained on an oak wood panel sanded with 120 grit sandpaper.  The end result is dependent on the type of wood, method of application, and the pre-treatment of the wood.